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To become a Review Boost affiliate, simply enter your first name and email address above and click Submit. We'll then send you an email with your affiliate link and login details for your affiliate dashboard.

Review Boost affiliates earn...

  • 50% RECURRING commission on monthly payments (if the business pays monthly)
  • 50% RECURRING commission on annual payments (if the business pays annually)
  • PLUS 20% commission on setup costs paid. (Commission on these is lower because we have the costs for the Tap Cards as well as postage to send them to the business)

Because Review Boost works so well for businesses, most will continue to use the system indefinitely. And so, as the affiliate that introduced the business, you'll continue to earn your commission for as long as they remain a customer. And you can continue to refer more and more businesses and get paid on each one - just by giving them your affiliate link.

All commissions are paid monthly.

Please note: Commission will not be paid to anyone who becomes a Review Boost customer through their own affiliate link.

I look forward to paying you some superb regular commissions.

Best regards,

Chris Towland

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